The GPME Agency is a hands on, Entertainment based Digital Marketing Agency. Established in 2015, we focus our efforts on providing independent entertainers and filmmakers with guidance and knowledge on how to advertise and market on the largest and most popular platforms of use. Unlike other digital marketing and promotion agencies, we take pride in our transparent approach to how we deliver our results. Our agents are trained and knowledgeable and give one on one monthly career consulting and use the resources at hand to implement the strategies to help our clients remain consistent toward their success.

The GPME Agency is owned and operated by the Umbrella Company the GPME Group which was founded in 2011 and established in 2012 as an LLC. The company owns 11 different entities one of which being The GPME Agency.

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GPME Agents are your go-to experts for Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and Youtube marketing

Our Facebook marketing system is completely unique and geared specifically for entertainment and online sales. Our Facebook network of influencers is the foundation of how we drive views and engage fans on every other social media account and streaming site.

We use the Facebook pages of our celebrity affiliates to share the content created by our clients to increase initial engagement and decrease the cost per click in our ads. Because we pay an average of one-thousandth or less than our competition, clients with smaller budgets can increase the visibility of their work and reach more new fans with viral style advertising.

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With Instagram, our system allows us to target specific people that may be interested in the content posted by our clients. We then engage with that person’s content drawing attention back to our client’s content and increasing their fan base 100% organically.

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We drive Spotify streams through cross-promotional advertising from Facebook and Instagram, promotions and plays from radio and online DJs, and relationships with industry leading Spotify experts and content managers. We strategically place links and buttons in our advertisements and social media posts to promote full price streams on Spotify.

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GPME Agency creates tangible Youtube play revenues by cross-promoting advertisements and posts from Facebook and Instagram. We strategically place links and buttons in our advertisements and social media posts to promote revenue boosting youtube plays.

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Real people,
Real results

4M +

Trinidad Cardona

Trinidad was 1 of the very first clients to achieve major success through GPME Agency. His viral video, turned song hit 22 million views in less than 3 weeks and the song is now a monster hit with over 15 million views on youtube and 3 million streams.

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Bright Righteous

The Canadian band came to us with a great cover of Chance The Rappers “Same Drugs” and it immediately began taking the internet by storm. Nearing 1 millions views on facebook and gaining numerous worldwide fans the band is being recognized around the world for their talent and skillset.

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Jarren Benton

For an artist with serious mainstream aspirations, Decatur, Georgia’s Jarren Benton has spent his career going against the grain. One of Funk Volume’s premiere acts, Jarren admits, “I love the music I do now. I do it in the safe-mode.” That’s rather shocking for an artist whose last album, Freebasing With Kevin Bacon lived up to its name, at least in attitude and style, evident on single “Skitzo.” He continues, “I want to take it a lil’ further.

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Quantum Split

This rock band is creating a new genre of music called Trap Rock, blending elements from Trap Music into Rock Music and when played live it is phenomenal! We are happy to have them as clients and to continue to set goals and knock them down!

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